TEC Aquathon 19 August 2018

Aquathon at Lions Dive & Beach Resort

Swim 600m – Run 5km – Swim 600m

2017 Aquathon Results

The TEC Aquathlon is both an event that counts for the official CTA Yearly Triathlon Championship ranking, as well as the HAPPIEST TEC Club event of the year!! This year the TEC Aquathlon will be held on August 27th at Lions Dive. Race Day Sign in time for all participants is from 15.00. The race starts at 16.30. Online registration is mandatory.


You have to pre-register online at ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK (WILL WORK SOON). Fee will be Naf 15 for all individual participants and Naf 25 for Do Relay Teams. Participant’s minimum age is 14 years (born in 2002).


BBQ Buffet at Hemmingway Beach after the race is optional for all participants and all non-participating TEC members and family members. Reservations and payments for the BBQ must be made at the Online Registration (under “comments” tell us how many adults and kids will BBQ). Hemmingway offers a reduced BBQ price 35Naf and 20Naf for kids up to 12.


Before the race you have to sign in at the ‘big table’ inside the Hemingway Beach Restaurant. You will receive your race-number and your BBQ coupon. You can not participate in the race when you do not sign-in!


The Aquathlon race will be SWIM-RUN-SWIM format. There will be ONE race format for all individual participants and Duo Relay Teams:

1- SWIM-1 650m. The start line up is at the beach, NOT in the water. From the START/FINISH at Hemingway Beach to the right towards the wooden raft float in front of Wet & Wild. When you turn the raft keep the raft at your LEFT hand (turn is anti-clockwise). Finish Swim-1 at the T1-zone Beach Volley.

2- T1 Transition change from SWIM-1 to RUN (Duo Relay Teams must high five in the T-Zone)

3- RUN 5k. Exit to the right over the pathway towards Dolphin bridge. From there left to the Parking lot, take right to the Roundabout. Enter Trailrun at Eric’s ATV Buggy station. Stay right, keep the sea at your right hand side, pass the barrier dam halfway and continue all the way up to Chocogo Turning & Checkpoint. Then return the same way -> keep the sea at your left hand side.

4- T2 Transition change from RUN to SWIM-2 (Duo Relay Teams must high five in the T-Zone)

5- SWIM-2 650m. From the T-zone Beach Volley to the right towards the wooden raft flat float in front of Wet & Wild. When you turn the raft keep the raft again at your LEFT hand (turn is anti-clockwise). Swim final stretch to the Finish.

6- Finish SWIM-2 at the START/FINISH at Hemingway Beach cross the line under the Green Finish bow.


There will be WATER SUPPLY at the TURNING POINT at the RUN track. Bring your own drink bottle at the T-zone and drink before and after the RUN. You will have to bring your own water bottle if you want to be able to drink or cool yourself at the first part of the run.

KEEP RIGHT all the time! Keep right at SWIM-1, watch other swimmers, watch people standing on the raft turning point and watch snorkeling tourists. Keep right at the RUN and keep right at SWIM-2. Watch ahead frequently. Give free way to everybody coming from the opposite direction. It is your OBLIGATION to keep right and it is your OBLIGATION to avoid any sort of collision during the swim as well as during the run.

At the turning point of the RUN it is YOUR responsibility that the official can see your race number, which is written on your arms and legs. You may also call your number to be sure you are checked. Also at the SWIM raft turning point there will be officials to check your numbers.

At the entrance of the swim stretch please be aware of the orange barrier that lies in the water. Be sure not to injure yourself crossing the barrier. Be careful!

At the finish please make sure to show your race number to the officials.