INFOTRANS Off Road Sprint Triathlons 9th December 2018

INFOTRANS Off Road Sprint Triathlons
9th December 2018
Main Sponsor: Playa PortoMari
Sub Sponsors: Coke-Cola -Dasani – Powerade -FRIA
Location: Playa PortoMari Curacao
Organized by: Curaçao Triathlon Association

The Off Road Triathlons of Playa PortoMari are a culmination of long hours training and races throughout the year. When you arrive to PortoMari you can feel the excitement as the athletes know that the Curacao Triathlon Association National Champion will be crowned as well as knowing the season will be coming to a close.

Entering into the swim you are on the surface of one of the best diving reefs the island of Curacao has to offer, keep your eyes open as you may catch the glimpse of a spotted eagle rays out combing the reef!!
Followed by a great ride through plantage PortMari which offers you rolling hills and rural Curacao Nature that is sometimes a nice surprise, then into the run also touring the Plantage and the incrediable nature of our beautiful island.

At the finish you are greeted by your fellow athletes and the this is where the party is going to begin!!!

This race is one of the most picturesque races there is, we hope you come out to join us.

Online registration is mandatory to participate in this event.

2018 Kids Registration

2018 Adult Registration

2017 Adult Results

2017 Childrens Results

For young, old, beginning and experienced tri-athletes.

Day Time Ages Swim MTB Run
Children on Sunday 9:00am 6-8   50m 2km 750m
9:00am 9-11 100m 4 km 1.5km
9:00am 12-14 200m 8km 3km
Adults on Sunday 08:00 15+ 750m 15km 5km


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Please pay before the race at Dasia Cycling or Vista Bike.

We do need volunteers to organize these races.
Ask your friends / family to help.

Email us at: